Coordinator: Prof. Antonio Vicino
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Statistics of publications

Since its founding in the fifteenth cycle (1999-2000), the school has gained 60 doctors of research at present, 28 PhD students are attending school and 11 others are in preparation of PhD thesis. Since the scheme went to (XX cycle, 2004-2005) the school had four positions funded by the University each year and 2 from the ministry. An average of 4 more years the positions have been funded on research contracts (many of them with the European Union) active in the Engineering Department. The average is therefore 10 students a year (starting from the twentieth cycle). The financing is sometimes retrospectively, ie covering the acquired positions without scholarship. Since its inception, the number of publications in journals that involve the names of 99 students and teachers of the school were 312, those in Congress 504. The average of publications in journals of the Doctors from our school is 4.66 and 7.05 publications in journal publications Congress (mean made ??in the fifteenth cycle). The average number of publications for each student on the cycles of XX, XXI and XII is 3.4 and 5.8 publications in journals published in the conference.



PhD Students/Alumni

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